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My Pregnancy apps for iOs, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia touchphone will provide information to prospective parents on a child?s development in the womb.

This information provided is general and refers to a pregnancy that follows its natural course, from conception until birth.

Every week we report information on the child's growth (size and weight), passing from the state of embryo to fetus, describing the development of internal organs, limbs, skin, sensory organs, muscles and the nervous system

At appropriate times information is also given about the examinations that the mother can take, for the evaluation of the child's growth and its integrity, always under strict advice from your doctor.

This program does not in any way replace the role played by medical personnel of their choice, and should only be regarded as a "Game" accompanying the mother during the 40 weeks of pregnancy.

All images used in the software are considered public ownership, in breach of copyright they will be immediately removed.

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We now see what parts make up the program:



1.                  Introduction



When you first start My Pregnancy for Nokia it briefly describes its content. To start you must select the mode you prefer among ACCOMPANYING (information will be provided each week with the progress of gestation, and you can also view the previous weeks) and CONSULTATION (you have free access to all content immediately).

Each time you start the application in ACCOMPANYING start mode, which is recommended because it gives the most fun in the sense that you can see the following contents only when you enter the next week of pregnancy.

As a second step, you must also enter data on the "My Dates" depending on whether the pregnancy is already in progress or you are planning one.




2.                  My Dates



In this screen you should enter the first date of the last menstrual period, necessary for calculating the expected date of birth, conception and actual gestation period, in weeks and days.

Obviously this information must be included only if the pregnancy is already underway.

If you are not pregnant still you can use the next screen to calculate the best time of fertility, as we shall see later.





3.                  Fertile period



On this page, for those not yet pregnant and who want to plan their pregnancy, inserting the first day of you last period, and frequency of your cycle, you can calculate the day of ovulation and subsequent alleged most fertile period and get information about the day from which you can take the pregnancy test using blood or urine.





4.                  The sex of the unborn child



In this window you can perform a statistical calculation on the alleged sex of the unborn child; in fact several international studies show that the sex of the child depends to some extent also on the? last full relationship in relation to the date of ovulation of the woman. This for several factors affects the mobility and lifetime of sperm depending on whether carriers of chromosomes X or Y and the acidity of the uterus of the woman after ovulation.

Inserting the date of last relationship prior to ovulation, it is possible to give a probability value to the child's sex. Of course, this result should be regarded as purely probabilistic. Take it as a game.





5.                  Pregnancy information






Once the data are entered as indicated above, the program automatically offers information on the current week of pregnancy, showing general information on child development and changes occurring in the mother.

Each week is also associated with one or more explanatory images, drawings and photographs.

If you have chosen the ACCOMPANYING mode during the start of the program, you can only see the information relating to the week of pregnancy and during the previous week. At anytime you can still switch to consultation, and have access to all content, set on the Info page of the program.

For women who are not pregnant, in ACCOMPANYING mode you can only view information about the first week of gestation, remaining always possible to change mode from the INFO page.

My Pregnancy provides information for all 40 weeks of pregnancy.




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